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Walker Image1Our Story:

Mobility and Medical started in 2011 by a team of occupational therapists and pharmacists, and we’ve been increasing rapidly ever since. From our beginnings as a stand alone pharmacy to launching our very own mobility and medical store in 2014, we’ve tried to stay true to our core beliefs and deliver an exceptional experience for our community and customers.

We owe a huge thanks to the Cairns mobility and medical community for joining us on this amazing journey, and we hope that you’ll continue to be a part of our story.

Fun Fact #1 One thing that always surprises people is when I tell them that Cairns Mobility and Medical started by having to store the excess equipment in my mums garage, because we couldn’t afford to buy our own commercial establishment. It is amazing what you put your mind to and we feel a great sense of satisfaction knowing we can help others, including the most vulnerable within our community.

We understand the difficulty of travel for people requiring mobility and medical equipment in Cairns. For this reason, we have developed the following great services to help:

  • In Home Demo Service
    One of the experienced and friendly staff at Cairns Mobility and Medical will deliver products to your home, for FREE, so you can trial it for up to two weeks in the comfort of your own home. At the end of your two week period, if you decide to purchase the product, the hire value will be deducted from the purchase price.
  • Hire Delivery and Collection Service
    One of our friendly staff at Cairns Mobility and Medical will deliver the goods to your desired location, on whatever date and time you require. They will show you how to use the equipment safely and explain how to maintain it. We are open 7 days a week and can arrange collection of the goods, if necessary. Please contact us if you require mobility or medical equipment for anybody over 110kg so we can help you choose the most appropriate bariatric products.
  • Equipment Maintenance Service
    We sell, hire, service, maintain and hold spare parts and accessories for everything in our range. At Cairns mobility and medical we provide scheduled servicing and cleaning of all equipment.
  • Allied Health Liaison Service
    At Cairns Mobility and Medical, we can work with your doctor, occupational therapist, physiotherapist and other health care professionals to see if there are any government funded programs you may be eligible for. Some examples include: MASS (Mobility Aids Subsidy Scheme), which is a program offered by the state government of QLD and DVA (Department of Veterans Affairs), which is a nationally funded scheme for army, navy and air force veterans. Please contact us for further information.
  • In Home Appraisal Service
    Through years of experience at Cairns Mobility and Medical, we often understand that people aren’t aware of mobility and medical equipment or devices that can improve their lives and general well-being. We are happy to send one of our friendly staff to your home, to conduct an appraisal and make some simple suggestions, that could make the world of difference. Please don’t hesitate to contact us
  • Webster Packing and Medication Adherence Program
    Cairns Mobility and Medical works with the experienced team of pharmacists at The Palm Cove Pharmacy, and we are proud to offer a weekly home delivery service for your medications. Our program includes working closely with your doctor(s) to conduct a home medicines review (HMR) where one of our highly trained pharmacists will visit your home and discuss any concerns you may have. Sometimes simple side effects of medication can have a big impact on your well-being and the highly skilled pharmacists can liaise with your doctor to discuss alternative treatments, if appropriate. The medicine packs will be delivered on a weekly basis, to your home, so you never have to worry about your tablets and medications again.