Asset & Inventory Management

Mobility and Medical Cairns completes annual equipment safety checks and certification of equipment for a large number of customers in the Cairns and Far North Queensland region. Mobility and Medical Cairns has an asset and inventory management system that supports customers and health care providers to:

  • Accurately identify and record all equipment.
  • Document all inspections, tests and repair on equipment.
  • Schedule further maintenance to ensure continued safety and performance.
  • Create transparent and clear reporting documentation on the life and sustainability of equipment.
  • Provide in-house training for you and your team to ensure safe and correct operation of all equipment.
  • Satisfy audit requirements by providing transparent, clear and concise report of all equipment (medical and non-medical).
  • Provide early identification of potential hazards and problems with equipment ensuring better asset management and cost control.

Our team can provide in-house training for your team for correct operation of all equipment.

Health & Safety legislation and Australian safety standards.  AS/NZ 3551/2012 requires that all equipment owned by health care providers:

  • performs as intended by the manufacture
  • is safe for clinical use
  • complies with the essential principles of safety and performance

We understand the importance of meeting your obligations under this legislation and as such, employ the best service technicians in the industry.

We keep ourselves abreast of all advancements in service technology and review our processes frequently.  Mobility and Medical Cairns has developed in-house training programs to maintain the high levels of expertise necessary to service all of our equipment.

We provide guarantees for all servicing work.

As well as servicing your current equipment, we strongly advise inspection and testing of all new equipment prior to use.  This eliminates problems caused by manufacturer defects and damage caused by travel and installation.

We can also provide in-house training for your team for correct operation of all equipment.

Mobility and Medical Equipment Cairns carries Public Liability Insurance in excess of the minimum value of $5,000,000